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Greenworks Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are fantastic for quickly and efficiently washing vehicles and vans, as well as decks, roads, and patios. Brushes and hose pipes are ineffective in most cases, and they take much longer to complete the job. Machine Mart carries a wide range of pressure washers, from lightweight, portable units for personal use to heavy-duty jet washers for commercial and agricultural use. Cleaning and maintaining your vehicles, bicycles, and home is simple and enjoyable with the Greenworks heavy duty pressure washer. This washer can be used with a variety of accessories to provide quick and efficient cleaning. It can be used to clean cars, water plants, clean bathrooms, windows, floors, and air conditioner filters, among other things.

Greenworks Pressure Washer Features

  • High-performance copper motor with metal gears, pump, and pressure relief valve
  • With a powerful motor and a maximum flow rate
  • Spray gun with a high efficiency and adjustable spray nozzle. Included is a detergent dosing soap bottle.
  • Low-noise operation: autostop technology automatically turns off the motor and pump when the switch is released.