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When it comes to choosing a lawnmower that combines reliability and innovation, BLACK+DECKER stands as a trusted choice. Opting for a BLACK+DECKER lawnmower means investing in a tool designed to deliver efficient and precise lawn maintenance. With a range of models tailored to different lawn sizes and types, BLACK+DECKER offers solutions that effortlessly handle grass cutting and grooming. These lawnmowers feature advanced technologies such as adjustable height settings, cordless operation, and efficient cutting mechanisms. BLACK+DECKER prioritizes user-friendly designs, often incorporating features that make starting, maneuvering, and maintaining the lawnmower a breeze.


Corded Electric Lawnmowers:

BLACK+DECKER offers a range of corded electric lawnmowers that provide reliable and consistent performance for smaller to medium-sized lawns. These lawnmowers are designed for convenience and ease of use, with a plug-and-play operation that eliminates the need for gas or batteries. They often feature adjustable cutting height settings, efficient cutting decks, and lightweight designs, making them suitable for homeowners looking for a simple and environmentally friendly lawn mowing solution.

 Cordless Electric Lawnmowers:

BLACK+DECKER's cordless electric lawnmowers provide the freedom to mow without the restrictions of cords. These lawnmowers run on rechargeable batteries, offering quiet and efficient operation. Cordless models often come with features like variable cutting height adjustments, mulching capabilities, and ergonomic handles for comfortable maneuvering. BLACK+DECKER cordless lawnmowers are ideal for users who want the convenience of battery-powered tools for their lawn care routine.

Self-Propelled Lawnmowers:

BLACK+DECKER self-propelled lawnmowers are designed to reduce user effort by automatically propelling themselves forward, making mowing larger lawns easier and less physically demanding. These lawnmowers often come with adjustable speeds and cutting height settings, ensuring a customized and efficient mowing experience. BLACK+DECKER's self-propelled models combine convenience with precision, providing a solution for homeowners with larger yards.

Push Reel Lawnmowers:

For those seeking an eco-friendly and low-maintenance option, BLACK+DECKER offers push reel lawnmowers. These manual mowers require no gas, electricity, or batteries and operate by utilizing the user's pushing force. BLACK+DECKER's push reel lawnmowers feature durable construction, adjustable cutting heights, and efficient cutting blades for a clean and even cut. They are suitable for smaller lawns and users who prefer a quiet and environmentally conscious mowing method.

Mulching Lawnmowers:

BLACK+DECKER mulching lawnmowers are designed to finely chop grass clippings and distribute them back onto the lawn as natural mulch. This process enhances soil health by returning nutrients to the grass. These lawnmowers often feature specialized cutting decks and blades optimized for mulching, as well as adjustable cutting height settings. BLACK+DECKER mulching lawnmowers are an excellent choice for users looking to improve their lawn's overall health and reduce waste.


Adjustable Cutting Height: BLACK+DECKER lawnmowers often come with adjustable cutting height settings, allowing you to customize the length of your lawn's grass according to your preferences.

Efficient Cutting Mechanisms: These lawnmowers feature efficient cutting decks and blades that ensure even and precise grass cutting, providing a well-manicured lawn.

Cordless Operation (Select Models): Cordless BLACK+DECKER lawnmowers offer freedom of movement without cords, thanks to rechargeable batteries, allowing you to maneuver easily around your yard.

Mulching Capability: Many BLACK+DECKER lawnmowers have mulching capabilities that finely chop grass clippings, returning nutrients to the soil and promoting a healthier lawn.

Foldable Design: Some models feature a foldable design for easy storage and transportation, saving space in your garage or shed.

Ergonomic Handles: BLACK+DECKER lawnmowers are designed with ergonomic handles for comfortable grip and maneuvering, reducing user fatigue during longer mowing sessions.

Easy Start: These lawnmowers often feature hassle-free start mechanisms, making it convenient to start the mower without any complicated steps.


Effortless Lawn Care: BLACK+DECKER lawnmowers streamline the process of maintaining your lawn, providing efficient grass cutting and grooming.

Well-Manicured Lawn: The efficient cutting mechanisms ensure that your lawn is evenly cut, enhancing its appearance and curb appeal.

Cordless Convenience: Cordless models offer freedom of movement without the hassle of cords, allowing you to mow your lawn without restrictions.

Environmentally Friendly (Select Models): Mulching capabilities reduce the need for bagging grass clippings and contribute to healthier soil, promoting eco-friendly lawn care.

Compact Storage: Foldable designs make it easy to store the lawnmower in smaller spaces, optimizing your storage area.


Read the Manual: Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's manual and guidelines before operating the lawnmower.

Wear Protective Gear: Wear appropriate safety gear, including sturdy shoes, eye protection, and hearing protection, to safeguard against debris and noise.

Clear the Area: Remove obstacles, toys, and debris from the lawn before mowing to prevent accidents and ensure smooth operation.

Disconnect Power: When making any adjustments or maintenance, disconnect the power source to prevent accidental starts.

Follow Slope Guidelines: Adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for mowing on slopes, and avoid steep or uneven terrain that could compromise stability.