Buy Best Makita Corded Planer Online at Best Prices in US 2023

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Buy Best Makita Corded Planer Online at Best Prices in US 2023

Buying a Makita corded planer involves considering various factors to ensure you select the right tool for your woodworking needs. Makita is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality power tools. A Corded planer is a tool that can be used to reduce the thickness of any type of wood surface, whether it's large cuts of wood or simple deck boards. For the job's planning, a wood planer would be appropriate. Thanks to two 60-volt batteries, this planer produces precise, strong, and exact results. Thanks to its unique power gear design, it destroys anything you're planning in seconds. It can also be used to flatten and smooth wood, depending on the project. Our website has the best Corded planers. At a lower cost, you can get high performance and durability. The grip has a sharp line, and the housing has a sharp-cut design. The ergonomically designed handle perfectly fits your hand for maximum comfort and control. In a single pass, planes up to 82 mm (3-1/4′′) wide and 1 mm (1/32′′) deep can be created.

Cuts up to 9 mm (11/32′′) are possible with shiplapping. Smooth finish and fast stock removal are achieved with a two-blade cutter head spinning at 16,000 RPM. Workpiece and blades are protected from scratches and damage by the base plate foot. The base has a V-groove for easy chamfering. With a length of only 285 mm (11-1/4′′), this is a compact design. For easy adjustment, there is a large, conveniently located depth setting knob. Diecast aluminium bracket for long tool life and durability. Insulated on both sides.

Types Of Makita Corded Planer

Makita, a respected name in the power tool industry, offers a diverse range of corded planers designed to cater to the needs of both woodworking professionals and DIY enthusiasts. These planers are known for their precision, power, and durability, making them indispensable tools for various woodworking tasks. Here's a detailed description of some of the common types of Makita corded planers:

Makita Handheld Electric Planer:

The Makita handheld electric planer is a compact yet robust tool designed for easy maneuverability and efficient material removal. Equipped with a powerful motor, this planer effortlessly shaves down wood surfaces to achieve uniform thickness and smoothness. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, even during extended work sessions. The adjustable depth settings allow you to control the cutting depth, enabling precise planing for a wide range of projects. Ideal for tasks such as beveling edges, fitting doors, and creating clean surfaces, the handheld planer is a versatile addition to any woodworking toolkit.

Makita Benchtop Thickness Planer:

The Makita benchtop thickness planer is a heavy-duty tool engineered for more substantial woodworking tasks. Featuring a larger working surface and a powerful motor, this planer excels in handling wider boards and thicker materials. With its precise depth adjustment mechanism, it ensures consistent material removal, resulting in smooth and level surfaces. The benchtop planer often incorporates advanced features such as automatic feed systems, multiple cutting depth settings, and effective dust extraction systems, which contribute to efficient and cleaner operation. This type of planer is favored by professionals and serious woodworkers who demand accuracy and reliability.

Makita Electric Hand Planer with Rabbeting Functionality:

This variant of the Makita corded planer is designed with an added rabbeting feature, allowing you to create precise rabbet cuts and grooves in wood surfaces. This is especially useful for tasks like joining wood pieces or creating decorative edges. The planer's adjustable settings enable you to control both planing depth and rabbet depth, providing versatility in your woodworking projects.

Makita Corded Power Planer with Automatic Head Ejection:

Some advanced Makita corded planers feature automatic head ejection, which helps prevent planer head damage and costly repairs in case of accidental impacts. This innovative safety feature adds an extra layer of protection to the tool, making it more durable and reliable over time.

Makita Corded Planer with Spiral Cutterhead:

Planers equipped with spiral cutterheads feature a unique blade arrangement that reduces tear-out and produces smoother finishes on wood surfaces. These cutterheads consist of multiple small, durable blades that operate in a spiral pattern, resulting in reduced noise levels, improved chip evacuation, and exceptional surface quality. Makita's spiral cutterhead planers are preferred for tasks that require an exceptionally smooth and clean finish.


  1. Powerful Motors: Makita planers are equipped with powerful motors that provide efficient material removal, making them suitable for a variety of woodworking tasks.
  2. Adjustable Depth Settings: Most models have adjustable depth settings, allowing you to control the depth of cut. This feature ensures precision and allows for different levels of material removal.
  3. Blade Quality: Makita often incorporates high-quality blades that deliver smooth and precise cuts. Some models feature double-edged blades or blades with a durable carbide construction.
  4. Dust Collection: Many Makita planers come with effective dust collection systems that help maintain a clean workspace by capturing wood chips and debris.
  5. Ergonomic Design: Makita designs their planers with ergonomic handles and balanced weights, ensuring user comfort during prolonged use.
  6. Parallel Fence or Guide: Certain models come with parallel fences or guides that assist in achieving straight and accurate cuts.
  7. Rabbeting Capability: Some Makita planers feature a rabbeting guide or a capability to create precise rabbet cuts, adding versatility to your woodworking projects.
  8. Spiral Cutterheads: Makita offers planers with spiral cutterheads, which reduce tear-out and produce exceptionally smooth finishes on wood surfaces.


  1. Precision: Makita planers provide accurate and consistent material removal, resulting in even surfaces and precise dimensions.
  2. Efficiency: With powerful motors and sharp blades, these planers efficiently remove material, saving time and effort during woodworking tasks.
  3. Versatility: Makita planers are versatile tools suitable for various woodworking applications, from planing surfaces to creating rabbets and chamfers.
  4. Smooth Finish: These planers deliver smooth surfaces that require minimal additional sanding or finishing work.
  5. Control: Adjustable depth settings give you control over the depth of cut, allowing you to customize the planing process for different tasks.
  6. Time Savings: Makita planers expedite material removal and surface preparation, allowing you to complete projects more efficiently.

Safety Considerations:

  1. Eye and Ear Protection: Always wear safety goggles and ear protection to shield your eyes and ears from flying debris and loud noise.
  2. Dust Protection: If the planer doesn't have integrated dust collection, wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling wood dust.
  3. Secure Workpiece: Ensure your workpiece is securely fastened to the work surface to prevent unintended movement during planing.
  4. Proper Handling: Follow Makita's recommended usage guidelines and techniques to minimize the risk of accidents.
  5. Cord Management: Keep the power cord away from the planing area to prevent accidents and tripping hazards.