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Bosch Circular Saws

Bosch Cordless Circular Saws are a must-have tool in almost any toolbox, whether professional or personal. Because they are fast, efficient, and safe, cordless circular saws are ideal for cutting wood on the job site. Cleaning the cut line of cordless circular saws is simple thanks to the automatic blade tension release. These saws are an efficient way to cut timber and boards to size, allowing you to make quick and precise cuts time after time, and in some cases, you can even cut other materials with specialised blades. A Bosch circular saw is designed primarily for cutting wood, but it can also be used to cut other materials. In a rotary motion spinning around an arbour, a toothed or abrasive disc is used to cut different materials to length. They’re powerful and versatile, making them ideal for use on job sites, including roof tops and scaffolding. It’s simple to maintain, and the soft-grip handles make it comfortable to use even for long periods of time. This sturdy tool is easy to use and provides maximum control, ensuring that it runs smoothly for the duration of its life.

Bosch Circular Saws Features

  • High cutting speed guaranteeing increased productivity at Wood Working. Deeper cutting capacity. Depth adjustment for cuts up to 67 mm deep.
  • Strong and resistant for heavy work on-site or applications in the workshop. Perfect for cutting wood and hardwood.