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Makita Circular Saws

Makita Cordless Circular Saws are a must-have tool in almost any toolbox, whether professional or personal. Because they are fast, efficient, and safe, cordless circular saws are ideal for cutting wood on the job site. Cleaning the cut line of cordless circular saws is simple thanks to the automatic blade tension release. These saws are an efficient way to cut timber and boards to size, allowing you to make quick and precise cuts time after time, and in some cases, you can even cut other materials with specialised blades. Makita circular saws are designed to cut through wood, as well as most other materials with the right attachments. They’re one of the most adaptable and portable cutting tools available. It can make cross cuts across the grain, rip cuts parallel to the grain, and plunge cuts, in which the blade begins above the material and descends into it. Unlike the table version, which is fixed in place, these saws are relatively compact and lightweight, allowing them to be moved around easily.

Makita Circular Saws Features

  • 165mm blade diameter
  • 20mm bore diameter
  • Maximum cut at 90 degrees 57mm
  • Maximum cut at 45 degrees 40mm
  • Maximum cut at 50 degrees 36mm
  • Safe and easy handling thanks to the cutting depth adjustment with plunge function, pendulum hood remote control and guide wedge
  • Safe and perfectly straight sawing along the guide rail