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Bosch Cordless Radios

There are numerous cordless jobsite radios available today. When looking for one for your job site, think about what features and functions are most important to you, as well as how much money you want to spend. Bosch Radios are used in construction, law enforcement, emergency medical services, firefighting, and communications, and they have become indispensable tools in our modern world. If you’re an amateur radio operator, you’ll need at least one cordless radio of your own so that you can communicate safely with others who may be using mobile or fixed radios.The GPB 18V-5 SC Professional is the robust music maker for powerful sound on rough jobsites. Compatible with DAB+, Bluetooth®, FM, and AUX, this sturdy radio always provides the right sound to make working enjoyable. The perfect choice to set the musical tone in rough working environments, the GPB 18V-5 SC Professional comes with a protective roll cage and is designed to withstand harsh jobsite conditions. Crystal clear and massive at the same time, this radio’s impressive sound is provided by four speakers with a combined output of 20 W and an integrated subwoofer (20 W) for powerful bass response.

Bosch Cordless Radios Features

  • Highly flexible sound entertainment: digital (DAB+; Bluetooth), conventional radio reception (FM) and AUX
  • Outstanding level of robustness: protective roll cage; designed to withstand harsh jobsite conditions
  • Crystal clear, massive sound: four speakers with 20 W (5 W each), integrated subwoofer (20 W) for powerful bass response