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Bosch Cordless Planer

A cordless planer is a tool that can be used to reduce the thickness of any type of wood surface, whether it’s large cuts of wood or simple deck boards. For the job’s planning, a wood planer would be appropriate. Thanks to two 60-volt batteries, this planer produces precise, strong, and exact results. Thanks to its unique power gear design, it destroys anything you’re planning in seconds. It can also be used to flatten and smooth wood, depending on the project. Our website has the best cordless planers. Bosch planers are powerful and precise, offering accuracy and ease of use even throughout demanding tasks. The wood razor single-blade system is unique to Bosch planers and allows for fast and easy blade changes without the need for time consuming adjustment, a great feature for daily use. With the ability to easily change the depth of cut to provide a professional finish. Available in a range models to suit both occasional and recurrent use.

Bosch Cordless Planer Features

  • Fast and precise work rate due to continuously variable depth – of – cut setting up to 1.6 mm
  • High surface quality due to ultra – sharp and durable TC reversible blades
  • Light weight (only 2.6 kg) for comfortable work
  • Professional 18 V System; ultimate performance; maximum freedom; all of our batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools in the same voltage class
  • Motor brake for putting the tool down safely
  • Quick blade changes for continuous work