Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws

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Get the Best Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws for Precision Cuts

Ready to step up your cutting game with Bosch cordless reciprocating saws? We've got the 411 on what to consider when choosing the right model. Check out our selection and grab your Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saw that's a perfect fit for your needs. Bosch has earned its rep for delivering top-tier power tools, and their cordless reciprocating saws are no exception.

Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws are built to dish out superior cutting efficiency and rugged durability. These bad boys make tackling challenging materials a breeze. Buying Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws means you're in for a treat – these tools come loaded with Bosch's top-notch engineering.

Discover the Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws Lineup

Bosch, a name you can trust when it comes to power tools, brings you a diverse range of cordless reciprocating saws tailored for various cutting tasks. Known for quality, innovation, and performance, Bosch cordless reciprocating saws are the top choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Let's dive into the types, features, and benefits:

Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw

This versatile powerhouse is a staple in Bosch's cordless tool lineup. It's compatible with the Bosch 18V battery system, ensuring convenience across multiple tools. With variable speed control and an adjustable shoe, you'll have stability and control over cutting depth. Some models even offer orbital action for those heavy-duty demolition jobs, and the tool-free blade change system ensures quick and easy swaps.

Bosch 12V Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw

Perfect for precision tasks, this compact saw from Bosch's 12V Max lineup excels in tight spaces. It's tailor-made for plumbing, electrical work, and installations. Don't let its size fool you; it packs a punch with impressive cutting power and variable speed control. That makes it a top pick for professionals and DIYers who value portability and precision.

Bosch 12V Max Starlock

Get ready for versatility with this innovative kit that combines an oscillating multi-tool with the cutting power of a reciprocating saw. It's ideal for a variety of tasks and comes with attachments for sanding, cutting, and scraping. The Starlock accessory mounting system ensures secure attachment and efficient power transfer – it's the perfect multi-purpose tool for a wide range of jobs.

Bosch CORE18V Brushless Lithium-Ion 1-Inch

Engineered for power and endurance, this model features a brushless motor for longer runtime and a 1-inch stroke length for efficient cutting. The Multi-Grip design allows for multiple gripping positions, providing better control. With Bosch's CORE18V battery technology, enjoy extended runtime and consistent performance.

Bosch 36V Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw

For heavy-duty cutting, Bosch offers a 36V cordless reciprocating saw with exceptional power. It's ideal for construction, demolition, and renovation, boasting a longer stroke length and a high-powered motor for efficient cutting through tough materials. The ergonomic design, variable speed control, and anti-vibration technology enhance user comfort during extended use.

Features of Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Bosch cordless reciprocating saws come loaded with innovative features to boost cutting performance, user comfort, and versatility. Check out the highlights:

  • Powerful Brushless Motors: These babies deliver efficiency, longer runtime, and durability compared to traditional brushed motors.
  • Variable Speed Control: Adjustable settings for precision cutting and prolonged blade life.
  • Stroke Length Adjustment: Customize cutting depth for different materials and tasks.
  • Orbital Action: That's elliptical blade movement for enhanced cutting efficiency in tough materials.

Tool-Free Blade Change

Bosch's tool-free blade change mechanism ensures you can make quick and easy replacements, which boosts your productivity.

  • LED Work Lights: Illuminate your cutting area for improved visibility and accuracy, especially in dimly lit environments.
  • Anti-Vibration Technology: This feature reduces user fatigue during extended use, giving you more comfort and control.
  • Compact and Ergonomic Design: Comfortable handles and compact dimensions make maneuvering a breeze, even in tight spots.
  • Battery Compatibility: Compatible with the Bosch 18V battery system, which makes your life easier and saves you some cash.
  • Electronic Motor Protection (EMP): It safeguards against overload and overheating, extending the tool's lifespan.

Benefits of Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Enjoy the perks of Bosch cordless reciprocating saws:

  • Portability: Work without pesky power cord restrictions. That's ideal for remote locations or areas without easy access to outlets.
  • Versatility: Cut through various materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and more. That means you're ready for a wide range of projects.
  • Convenience: Move around freely, switch cutting locations easily, and work efficiently without extension cords cramping your style.
  • Quick Blade Changes: Thanks to tool-free mechanisms, you can swap blades swiftly and easily. That means you save time and get more done.


Bosch cordless reciprocating saws are compact and lightweight. That gives you better maneuverability in tight spaces and challenging positions.

  • Precision Cutting: Variable speed control and adjustable shoe positions let you have precise control over cutting depth and speed.
  • Orbital Action for Efficiency: It improves cutting efficiency in demanding materials like wood, reducing binding and enhancing speed.
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: The handles are ergonomic, and features reduce vibration, minimizing user fatigue during extended use.


Safety is a top priority when you're working with Bosch cordless reciprocating saws:

  • Read the Manual: Be sure to read the user manual to make sure you're using the saw safely and effectively.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Protect yourself by wearing the right PPE, including safety goggles, ear protection, gloves, and a dust mask in dusty environments.
  • Inspect the Saw: Before you use it, inspect the saw for damage, loose parts, or defects. Don't use a saw that's in poor condition.
  • Secure Workpiece: Make sure to properly secure the workpiece so it doesn't move during cutting.
  • Grip the Saw Properly: Keep a firm grip on the handle for better control and stability.

Stable Stance

Stay in a stable position while you're using the saw to avoid balance issues.

  • Keep Hands Clear: Never put your hands near the cutting area. Use clamps or fixtures to hold the workpiece – not your hands.
  • Battery Safety: Follow Bosch's guidelines for changing or charging batteries. Use recommended chargers and batteries only.
  • Use the Right Blade: Make sure to choose the appropriate blade for the material to avoid accidents and maximize cutting efficiency.

Upgrade Your Cutting Game with Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Ready to take your cutting skills to the next level? Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws are your secret weapon for precision, versatility, and unbeatable performance. They're the real deal for pros and DIYers alike. Say goodbye to cord hassles and get ready to make precise cuts with Bosch Cordless Reciprocating Saws!