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Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Dewalt cordless reciprocating saws are an extremely useful tool. Anyone who has ever owned or used a standard power saw can attest to the fact that they are incredibly difficult to operate and can be a real pain to get them to work properly. And if you’ve ever used a corded saw for any amount of time, you’ll understand why. In many ways, cordless headphones are just as easy to use as corded headphones, but without the issues that come with being tethered to your own body, which can be quite uncomfortable and awkward at times. A DeWalt reciprocating saw will make the demolition process easier. These saws enable you to quickly break down items and complete the job more quickly. Designed to remove the head of sections of wood and other materials where a strong hold exists and traditional removal methods would fail.

The DeWalt DWE305PK 1100 W Reciprocating Saw has a stroke rate of 2,800 per minute. It has four blade positions and a stroke length of 29 mm. The keyless blade changing lever action ensures that you can quickly change blades, ensuring that you always have the right tools for any project. It is also light enough to handle for extended periods of time, weighing only 3.5 kg.

Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saws Features

  • Latest generation premium reciprocating saw featuring XR lithium-ion technology
  • Part of the intelligent DeWalt XR lithium-ion series designed for efficiency and making applications faster
  • Powerful & highly efficient PM58 DeWalt fan cooled motor with replaceable brushes, delivers fast cutting action up to 2,950 strokes per minute and 28.6 mm stroke length maximising user productivity
  • High performance reciprocating mechanism and lightweight magnesium gearcase offer the user optimised power to weight ratio
  • Intelligent variable speed trigger, lock-off switch and electronic motor brake for quick controlled cuts and enhanced work safety
  • Lever-action keyless blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes
  • Pivoting adjustable shoe with open top for high stability and blade visibility during a cut
  • Four-position blade clamp allows for flush cutting and increased versatility
  • Modular component design for trouble free servicing
  • Rubber coated grip to reduce surface vibration and user fatigue
  • Improved ergonomic design