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Metabo Angle Grinders

The slim design of Metabo Cordless Angle Grinders allows for extended comfort when working overhead or in tight spaces. Metabo Fast is a tool-free disc changer with a tool-free adjustable guard and a quick-locking nut. The slim design of the Metabo Cordless Angle Grinder allows for extended comfort when working overhead or in tight spaces. metabo Tool-free disc change with a quick-locking nut; tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proof battery pack that can be swivelled for better access in difficult-to-reach places overload Electronic soft start for smooth start protects the motor from overheating. -up restart protection: guards against unintentional start-up. -restarting after a power outage dust shield that can be removed The motor is protected by a filter from coarse particles.

Metabo Angle grinder Features

  • Slim design for long periods of comfort when working overhead or in tight spaces. (Only the body)
  • Metabo “Quick” is a disc changer with a quick-locking nut.
  • Adjustable guard without the use of tools; twist-proof
  • The battery pack can be swivelled for easier access to difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Overload protection: guards against overheating of the motor.