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Metabo Metal Cutting Saws

Cordless metal cutting saws could be a useful tool for reducing the cost of hiring a contractor to complete the job. Metal cutting saws use a circular blade to cut through steel, aluminium, wood, plastic, and other materials quickly and accurately. The metal cutting saw is ideal for cutting steel pipe, angle iron, and box section in the workshop or on the job site. You can get a good deal on cordless metal shears power tools at your local hardware store, or you can shop online for a wider selection. It depends on the type of job you’re doing, the size of the job, and where you’re going to use it.  Metabo Cordless Metal cutting Saw Powerful, lightweight cordless Metal cutting Saw for construction sites. On Metabo and other manufacturers’ guide rails, an aluminium base plate can be used directly. The saw blade is quickly stopped by the fast brake, which improves safety. Accurately angled bevel cuts down to 50 degrees, with a handy snap-in point at 45 degrees 0 degrees that can be re-adjusted for maximum cutting precision. After the initial cut, a clearly visible cutting indicator allows for precise sawing. For safe guidance, use a handle with a non-slip soft-grip surface. Connection of an all-purpose vacuum cleaner allows for extraction. For checking the charge status, battery packs with capacity displays are available.